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500 Days of Summer at Pop Ritzy

Revisiting a film is a lot like catching up with an old friend. Well, at least it can be if you like that film! Last night my local cinema, The Ritzy, invited me along to experience the last of the summer nights in their pop up cinema season. The room was adorned with fairy lights and had a slight barnyard charm with an old fashioned popcorn machine. The buzz from Pop Brixton, a local outdoor space filled with vendors, gave the night a social atmosphere reflective of this part of London.

500 Days of Summer was released back in 2009 and I reviewed it then. Set in Los Angeles, the500-Days-of-Summer 2 film follows a couple at various high and low points of their relationship. Injected with clever editing and a clear joyous manipulation of the ‘boy meets girl’ story-line, the film still feels fresh nearly seven years later.  Its director, Marc Webb, has gone on to helm the last two Spider-Man‘s for Sony and now executive produces Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on the CW. The writers of the film also have gone on to adapt a few young adult novels for the screen including The Fault in Our Stars.

The film was followed by a karaoke session to mirror the couples nights out at a karaoke bar. An activity of pleasure and pain it was a valiant effort to bring something from the film to life that was not just an immersive experience, but rather an activity. It will be fun to see how these events grow with Pop Brixton’s success and as pop up cinema continues to have stiff competition it is great to see local places expanding their offerings. Keep track of their new screenings here.

(Images provided by Ritzy Cinema)

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