The MTV Movie Awards (2010). Host: Aziz Ansari.

As usual, the MTV Movie Awards over took Hollywood and television screens everywhere with its loud obnoxious humor and grand gestures of commercialism.

Right off the bat the main laughs went to Tom Cruise’s turn as his Les Grossman character from 2008’s film Tropic Thunder. Funny and silly, this turn is even better for industry insiders who know his portrait of studio producers is at times quite accurate. However, I would wonder how much humor came from what he said or from the fact that its Tom Cruise doing something that doesn’t revolve around his wife Katie Holmes or being a bit nutty. Either way, glad to see the young Eclipse stars (Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner) have good enough spirits to be part of their own gag.

Next up was host Aziz Ansari’s monologue. Much shorter than most awards show, his monologue catered to the younger MTV viewers who can’t make it through than more than two hours of a ceremony. If you can even call this one that. But, Ansari was able to tackle some hot topics in movies and keep everything light and moving throughout the night. A night whose awards were a bit random. Does anyone else remember different awards being presented through the years? I wish MTV has some consistency in its programming. *sigh

The first award for best female performance went to Kristen Stewart for New Moon. No surprise there, she was even her same awkward self, just minus actually dropping the award this year. The next award went to another Twilight cast member, Anna Kendrick, but her best breakout popcorn award was for Up in the Air. Both awards were presented by a slew of cast members of upcoming movies this summer, so if audiences didn’t know what was in theaters or coming up, they certainly do now.

Next on stage was Ed Helms and Ken Jeong (both from The Hangover) providing a tour of cinema via the piano playing Helms dressed as a cloud and Jeong in a leopard leotard. Apparently not metaphorical or entertaining enough for Cruise’s Grossman character he suddenly intervenes. And along with Ludacris and JLo a huge dance break ensues. Only on MTV.

Following the dance break, Amanda Seyfried won best ‘best scared as shit’ performance for Jennifer’s Body. Along with Amanda, everyone was surprised as few people saw the movie. But good for for her. Of course, the awards show always sports never before seen clips and premieres of new trailers. One special one was the premiere for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Part one of a pair of films which will chronicle the last Harry Potter, the film certainly has difficult competition with Twilight fans. Although entirely different, it will be interesting to gauge the success of both franchises as their final installments are near.

The pop culture legend of the award for best kiss was up next. Sporting a cute moment of a kiss cam throughout the audience, this award definitely felt like the most genuine MTV moment of the night. Of course, Stewart and Pattinson took it home again, but do seem less awkward sports about it all.  Next up was Katy Perry’s performance of her new hit ‘California Girls.’ Bright and poppy, her performance, as usual, seemed flat and uncomfortable. Thankfully, Ansari’s SNL like videos proved to move the night along.

This year’s MTV Generations Award, presented by Betty White, Bradley Cooper, and Scarlett Johansson was given to Sandra Bullock. Obviously, her personal struggles have recently overshadowed her achievements, but it’s nice to feel her sense of humor and happiness with what she does. And if you wondered why Johansson helped present, it was only to get a kiss from the star and stand in for husband Ryan Reynolds.

As the awards rolled by, the best wtf moment  went to Ken Jeong, best bad ass star went to Rain and best villain went to Tom Felton for his role as Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films. Somewhere in the middle Ansari did a tribute to Avatar as if he was R-Kelly, which out shown Mark Walberg and Will Ferrel’s attempt to promote their film by flying over the presenters. But, what of course, trumped them both was the new Eclipse sneak peek. Not out of quality, but of sheer mass of fan-dom.  A fan-dom I am sure Christina Aquilera wants to tap into as she makes her return to music. Next up was her performance of songs from her new Bionic album. Unfortunately, the performance was far to overt, distasteful, and clearly limiting the display of her voice. Sadly, she has yet to realize the power of just her voice and the fine line between sexy and raunchy.

The last two awards of the night went mostly in peace. Best comedic performance went to Zach Galifianakis via Ansari, dressed up as his swagger coach. Not as memorable as Jim Carrey’s costuming in past years, but a valiant effort. Last but not least, New Moon went home with the popcorn for best movie. Proving that once again serious fan bases and popularity can win you awards, which is entirely the purpose of an event like the MTV Movie Awards. And it is nice to see that some things don’t ever change.

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