As the world transitions from fall to winter the cinematic world moves from pre-Oscar season to Oscar season with a little holiday spirit drizzled in.

These past couple of months have already witnessed many a controversial conversation piece and stirred up dissent about what has been a success, what has not, and, of course, what the expansion of the Best Picture category will mean for this upcoming Oscar night. Now at ten nominations rather than five, Oscar night will not only highlight a greater breath of films, but also (*sigh) feel a bit more like the drunk dinner-fest known as the Golden Globes.

But, there are months still to go before that. On with our fall reflections…

This fall’s release that caused the most buzz would of course be Spike Jones’ live action adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are. Whether it lit you up or shut you out, there is not any denying that his visual palate and adamant abandonment of commercialized children’s filmmaking was a breath of fresh air. Another breath of fresh air was of course the little indie flick called Adam that reminded romantics everywhere that romantic comedies are not always the right date night remedy. (A fun note here is that Hugh Dancy, who played autistic Adam in this film is engaged to a Miss Claire Danes who is portraying the autistic scientist, Temple Grandin, in an upcoming television film. Coincidence? Bets are down as to who does it better. Get in on it!)

This fall’s films actually fell short on more than one occasion, story wise. Both 9 and Whip-It had far more visual punch than thematic or script success. With, of course, Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds knocking August out of the park and truly embracing the strong visual style that makes this director a possible power-player for this year’s award season.

Rounding out this season’s line-up is of course Precious. No need to go into it, my review is below. But it is safe to say it is and will continue to be the marker into Oscar territory and the winter/holiday film season. One should be prepared for dark dramas, far too many movies too see and much anticipated new media to be explored. Overall, not a bad fall, but I have a feeling this winter is bound to be better.

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