The Ugly Truth. (2009).

D: Robert Luketic. DP: Russell Carpenter. W: Nicole Eastman, Karen McCullah Lutz & Kirsten Smith. Starring: Katherine Heigl/Gerald Butler/Eric Winter/Cheryl Hines/Bree Turner/Noah Matthews/Bonnie Somerville.

Really? Back to the drawing board at the end of the summer.

Heigl plays a neurotic yet energetic Abby who although appears to not have any clue about modern dating, apparently knows how to lose a few for a role. Slender and as gorgeous as ever, Heigl breezes through her role while remaining game on screen and adding an executive producer role to her credit. Once again this summer, the woman is in charge with Heigl playing a news producer, and a successful one at that, with Butler’s Mike her new on air talent. However, her Abby has little depth in a film that has even less.

Even her coupling with Butler is all spit and no spice as their chemistry leaves more to be desired than a random romp in the sack. Their professional romance/flirtation is nothing new and Butler’s reservations are no surprise. Once again I ask, is there an original way to fall in love?

Worse is the token beef steak who lives next door. Winter’s Colin is hardly developed so that the audience can only ever see his surface, a pretty one yes, but a one-dimensional one easily tossed away. The film not only tosses away Winter, but Butler as well. He grumbles, smirks and genuinely works hard at silly role of a guy who talks shop and, of course, attempts to be a positive father figure. Butler’s proved himself before, but this script lets him down and along with everyone else.

The Ugly Truth is exactly what the title says. It is a testiment to the current lack of originality in romantic comedies and the constant attempt to make them raunchier and rudely…honest? The film is a tedious pastiche of past genre success, complete with a public female orgasism dinner scene a la When Harry Met Sally. Random, inconsistent editing, flocked with stale soundtrack choices and an elevator scene? Save your pennies kiddies and go on a real date.

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