Sunshine Cleaning (2009).

D: Christine Jeffs. DP: John Toon. W: Megan Holley.    Starring: Amy Adams/Emily Blunt/Alan Arkin/Jason Spevack/Steve Zahn/Clifton Collins Jr.

Whether it is in the smile or in the eyes or in the charismatic voice, charm is a challenging art. Charm in the face of single parenthood, a dead end job and a waste of time “relationship”? Well, it is good to know someone can do it. And thank you Miss Adams for yet again breezing on screen and reminding us why we enjoy you and why we gleam at your success.

This time Adams plays Rose, who faces all three road blocks, but manages to take us into Rose’s life without playing the pity card. Blunt, as Rose’s younger sister Nora, tags along reminding the audience of the many versions of low, but also the many facets of family bonds. Both women give a physicality to the story that reiterates their roles as survivors or doers rather than pacifists or victims of their choices. Choices that lead to a cheap van, ill equipped handlers of human gunk and a tub of rotten shrimp. And yes somehow a cleaning service is the crux of the story.

Sunshine Cleaning can pride itself on intuition on screen as off as women have taken the role in this project in a postive light (let us not forget the male heavy Oscars this year!) Giving us an original story admist the ever recycling Hollywood slow months. Now if we could just get Alan Arkin to not play himself? AHH. But he is so enteraining as another off kilter father figure. As always, we settle. But settle in our a seats a bit more, because this story is worth knowing the ending to.

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